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Bread is a staple ingredient to our diet and has been present in meals for centuries. We know how important it is to you, and that’s why we make sure you get the best. Do you think we’re joking? Our sourdough bread is chewy, our whole-wheat bread is fresh and wholesome, and the multi-grain will have you coming back. Bread isn't the only good in the bakery, however. We sell muffins, cakes, and cupcakes made with such care you'll believe your grandmother was behind the counter, up to her elbows in flour and a smile. Not to say our employees aren't up to their elbows with a smile.

Right alongside the familiar breads, you see every day, there's a more exotic twist to our floury goods. We have tasty banana bread, muffins of every kind, and traditional breads from all around the globe!

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