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Behind the Deli is always a smiling face willing to slice fresh meats to your wishes. We take pride in saying our deli is a clean, cheerful place, and we know it’s true, too! Also with only the freshest meat and cut your whims. We have a full line of Deli imported and domestic brands like Krakus, Butteball, Land O Lakes, and Vienna Beef. Pop in for dinner or lunch! A great day is just a tasty sandwich away!



Because we grow our produce locally, we always get the best. In the modern agricultural system, are grown and chosen for their ability to ripen uniformly, but because because they aren't in our local farms you’ll see a wide range of variety in our delicious vegetables picked right at their peak! We strive to put the freshest greens on the shelves, and we know we do it too.



Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Botanically, anything with seeds is a fruit. That technically makes walnuts a fruit, but let's suspend belief for a second here to talk about more typical fruits. Our fruits are locally grown, and also come from all over the world. Our bananas and pineapples are exported straight from places like Peru and the Caribbean, and we won't try to pear pressure you into buying the latest shipment of blackberries! Also, not only are our apple produce top notch, we always get the first pick!

Dairy and Cheese


When you walk into our dairy and cheese department you’ll see cheeses from all over the world and your own backyard. Our local farm cheese is hand-crafted to for the best flavor, and well-taken care of cows produce better milk! Not only do we have cheeses from places like Greece, but we also carry big-name brands like Deans Milk,Tropicana, and Life Way. Speaking about our wide range of imported cheeses our amazing feta cheese is so creamy, and the other cheeses, like the parmesan, ricotta, pecorino, and greek are on the shelves tantalizing you to put them into your shopping cart. Milk builds strong bones, and we want our dairy products to help be a part of your daily diet!

Meat and Poultry


With meat prices soaring these days, you'll find you're hard pressed to find your usual pork or beef with a price tag that won't send your eyebrows to your hairline. Luckily, we keep those eyebrows low and those jaws up. Our meat and poultry are always fresh, well taken care of before reaching the selves, and most importantly: low-priced. With everything else we sell going for a constant bargain, why shouldn't meat take a place in the competition as well? Great-tasting meat with a great bargain, we make sure our meat comes from healthy animals since , after all, you are what you eat, and who wants to be sad eating overpriced bacon that isn't up to par with ours?



Tuna, salmon, and shrimp, oh my! Are you craving the taste of a saltwater delicacy? Stop being so crabby and fulfill your taste buds' desires! When we say we have every type of seafood animal you can possibly want, we aren't pulling the line on you! It's no fluke that we have only the best shrimp, salmon, tuna, crab, and most else under the sea waiting to be cooked for you dinner! We're promising you a real deal. In 95th Produce Market, we always scale back the prices, and we know you'll shop here again and again because nothing tastes better than a fresh, well priced fish. We hope you caught all that.



Bread is a staple ingredient to our diet, and has been present in meals for centuries. We know how important it is to you, and that’s why we make sure you get the best. Do you think we’re joking? Our sourdough bread is chewy, our whole-wheat bread is fresh and wholesome, and the multi-grain will have you coming back. Bread isn't the only good in the bakery however. We sell muffins, cakes, and cupcakes made with such care you'll believe your grandmother was behind the counter, up to her elbows in flour and a smile. Not to say our employees aren't up to their elbows with a smile.

Right alongside the familiar breads you see every day, there's a more exotic twist to our floury goods. We have tasty banana bread, muffins of every kind, and traditional breads from all around the globe!

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About our store

We are a family owned business and have imported products from everywhere such as Greece, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and many Arabic countries. We make sure to have only the freshest produce and products.


"Love this place. Great fresh produce, nice assortment of ethnic food and pastries too. Neighborhood gem! Abby M."